Fatboybeanbag Ireland offers a wide range of bean bags manufactured by Fatboy. Our bean bags are available in various sizes, styles, and designs. These are great for all ages, from kids, to parents, and even up to your grandparents. Fatboy bean bags fit for everyone.

Fatboy Beanbags

When you look for a bean bag you want something with a bit of zest, strong colour, fun and versatile. It needs to make a statement whether you want to show off to your friends or you want to add some colour and fun to a display or a room you are designing.

These beanbags are all about colour, texture, feel and comfort. Beanbags represent fun to kids and relaxation to adults. They are universal in that there is one to suit all ages. They come in various designs and can be shaped into a chair, a sofa or large pillow as you can shape them to fit the mould of your body.

Their design feature means they can be used in any space whether it be at home, in the office, school or you are having an event. Their flexibility is in the fact that they are lightweight allowing you to move them from room to room.

They are fantastic if you just want to chill out with friends as they are easy-fit and you can just dive in and have fun. Sinking into a beanbag it feels like you are wrapped in a nice cosy blanket.

Versatility is a given as you can shape it to suit your environment and its surface is resistant to dirt and water and the cover is machine washable. The beans inside the bag allow you to change the shape with ease.

Fatboy carry an array of 'funky' colours, styles, shapes and fabrics all at unbelievable great prices – you won't want to miss out. We carry the largest selection of beanbags in our showroom and are confident we can find the perfect one for you.

Chill, relax with a Fatboy bean bag, we stock different colours, sizes and shapes to suit any occasion, our extensive selection of bean bags can be collected or delivered free of charge anywhere in Ireland. We have metallic Fatboy bean bags, outdoor Fatboy bean bags and even have a special range of bean bags brought out for children called the Junior range.